We are a consultancy offering services to banks and financial service providers, with a clear focus on digital interactions with customers meeting stringent AML/CFT requirements. We are combining regulatory expertise with a strong risk culture and technical knowlege of digital tools and services, especially when used for Know-Your-Customer purposes. 

The ability to collect, use and transmit reliable ID and other attributes, in compliance with GDPR and under full user control, is a key step towards a digital environment meeting eIDAS 2.0 requirements

Data protection

Protecting personal data is a requirement for financial digital services but needs to take into account customer experience and business requirements in order to gain a key competitive advantage

KYC and AML requirements

Deploying remote consumer onboarding processes is a challenge with the deployement of digital identity schemes but also needs to integrate robust anti-money laundering requirements

eIDAS trust services

eIDAS Trust services are key tools for the delivery of client services but need to be connected to the operating environment as well as the customer journeys deployed by the service provider


Remote ID-proofing processes and digital identities meeting AML/CFT requirements

ID-proofing is a key KYC requirement for financial service providers and digital identities are widely used for customer onboarding processes but often fail to meet the levels of assurance required to meet applicable AML/CFT requirements. However, solutions exist offering both privacy and superior customer experience.


Digital identity wallets are the future of banking

The trend towards portable identity solutions is clear and will have a profound impact on the way financial services are offered to clients in the future. In the EU, the eIDAS 2.0 identity wallet proposal is shaping the debate and represents a key step towards digital currencies for retail use.


A recognised voice in international forums

Through his involvement in European Commission projects, Stephane Mouy has been actively involved in shaping the European digital identity debate, especially for use in connection with financial services