Stéphane Mouy

Président SGM Consulting Services

Stephane is a consultant for the financial service industry with a clear focus on digital solutions (eID, KYC, blockchain, etc.) data protection and other regulatory matters.

He worked until 2019 as a legal counsel for a leading French financial institution, first in its capital markets and M&A departments in Paris and London before joining the central legal department and became head of international legal affairs and later head of legal for the international retail banking division, covering financial services activities located in over 25 countries.  In 2015 he became head of the central IT/IP, M&A Procurement and Corporate law legal teams. Between 2015 and 2019, he has been involved in the deployment of GDPR-related processes for the group as well as in remote customer onboarding solutions making use of customer identification, KYC, strong authentication, electronic signatures and other trust services.

Stephane’s academic background is legal and financial, allowing him to tackle interrelated legal, financial, accounting and operational constraints and integrating a clear risk-mitigation dimension into problem-solving.

Stephane is a practitioner with a ‘can do’ approach and strong practical result orientation. He is also a regular speaker in conferences and seminars, making keynote presentations as well as taking part in forums and discussion panels for in digital transition and regulatory matters.

Recent conference contributions

2023 12 07 - France Payment Forum

eIDAS 2 and France Identité  

2023 07 13 - Hyperledger Identity Special Interest Group

Digital identities in the European regulatory environment

2023 05 11 - France Payments Forum

Participant to a round table on digital identities

2023 04 05 - ID & KYC Forum - Lille (France)

Participant to a round table on eWallets

2023 02 16 - France Payments Forum Tech day

Identités numériques et paiements - grand dérangement ou rendez-vous manqué?

2022 11 30 - TrusTech Forum

Opening the eIDAS 2.0 EUDI Wallet bonnet

2022 09 22 - France Payment Forum

EDIW - European Digital Identity Wallets eIDAS 2.0

2022 06 15 - Fido Alliance eID session

Presentation of eIDAS EUDIWs (with Michael Adams - Quali-sign)

2022 06 08 - ID&KYC Forum - Lille (France)

Participant to a round table on eWallets 

2022 05 11 - European Identity & Cloud (EIC) conference - Berlin (Germany)

Towards CBDC Wallets - the eIDAS 2.0 payment-authorizing wallet (with Michael Adams - Quali-sign)

2022 04 26 - Iproov briefing event

New EU Digital ID Wallet Briefing

2022 02 17 - France Payment Forum - Plenary session - Paris (France)

eIDAS 2.0 EUDIWs - When portable identity meets payments

2021 11 30 - TrusTech forum - Paris (France)

Moderator of the 'eKYC in a digital AML environment : is KYC portability on the horizon?' session

2021 11 10 - OpenID eKYC and IDA workgroup

eIDAS 2.0 update presentation

2021 10 14 - OIX Open Identity Exchange

The new world of eIDAS 2.0 EDIWs : what it means for relying parties? presentation

2021 09 16 - Identity attributes and KYC : the transition to eIDAS 2.0 and AML

e-wallets and demonstration (eID for opening a bank account)

2021 09 11 - ID Forum round table  - Lille (France)

Nouveau règlement AML et identification à distance : faut-il externaliser?

2021 07 01  go.eIDAS summit

Revised eIDAS : a new opportunity for the banking sector? presentation

2021 06 23 - Hyperledger IDWG

eIDAS 2 Digital identity wallets on the way presentation

2021 06 16 - OpenID Connect eKYC workshop

eIDAS 2.0 Digital identity wallets come into play

2021 05 13 - Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique

ETSI STF588 présentation

2020 06 26 - EBSI-ESSIF-France 

eIDAS, SSIs and Blockchain : Reconciling technology and governance presentation

2019 10 03 - Third Annual Compliance and legal conference - Paris (France)

Financial crime technology trends round table

2019 01 17 - Global client onboarding for asset management

The EU Commission Expert Group eID/KYC - KYC portability

2018 11 26 - MoneyLive summit

Digital KCY - a shared future?

2018 11 22  - 2nd Digital onboarding and ID verification

Making KYC portable: distant dream or near future?

2018 10 30 - Identity live Forgerock (Idemia workshop)

Identity & KYC attributes  - EU expert group presentation

Articles and publications (English)

In addition to posts regularly published on Stéphane's LinkedIn page, the following articles  can be viewed: 

2023 09 - The BIS Polaris Offline payment with CBDC report

Written with Michael Adams from Quali-Sign

2022 04  - The Paypers Financial Crime and Fraud Report 2022

Securing digital payments with identity wallets (with Michael Adams - Quali-sign)

2022 01 25 -  Digital Identity Wallets : why the offline mode really matters

Offline mode support, often overlooked as a remote need for digital interactions, is critical for digital identity wallets, especially for payments and CBDC purposes

Articles and publications (French)

Stéphane is, together with Professor Jérome Huet and Michel Espagnon, the author of the Paiements électroniques jurisclasseur published by LexisNexis France

International organisations work 

European Commission

During the last 5 years, Stéphane Mouy has worked for the EU Commission in various capacities 

2022-2023 : eIDAS 2.0 EUDIW project (Digital finance use case) 

His assignment focused on the eIDAS 2.0 project announced by the European Commission in June 2021 and centered around European digital identity wallets (EUDIWs), especially when used for payment interactions ('digital finance' use case).

The use case is critical for the banking/financial sector and has far-reaching implications for European payment service providers, especially for the purpose of meeting AML/CFT requirements as well as payment regulations, especially arising from the EU Second Payment Directive (itself under revision).   

2020-2021 : KYC portability report

In December 2020, DG FISMA instructed SGM Consulting Services to prepare a report on 'how to develop a digital identity solution for use by the financial sector based around eIDAS trust services' for the purpose of facilitating the onboarding of customers in the financial sector.

The report was finalised in September 2021 and analyses cross-border KCY data portability within the context of the revised eIDAS proposal and contemplated AML regulation – initiatives that will have a major impact on banking services with the deployment of digital identity wallets and CDD data harmonisation. It reviews the categories of KYC attributes and discusses how European financial institutions can act as KYC data providers and receivers. In cooperation with the eWallet Network, it presents an Open Wallet proposal meeting eIDAS 2.0 requirements, including offline functionalities for payment authorisation and qualified electronic signature, as well as offering robust privacy protection. The report also compares traditional bank-led KYC portability scenarios and the emerging user-centric self-custody solution implied by digital identity wallets. It discusses governance matters for KYC data exchanges, including economic models, scheme arrangements and liability allocation provisions and sets out a number of practical recommendations aiming to offer scalability, consistency with AML/CFT requirements as well as process mutualisation for the banking industry. 

Link to the report (EU Commission website) - October 2021

2018-2020 : eID/KYC Expert Group report

The Electronic Identification and Remote Know-Your-Customer processes Expert group, which Stéphane Mouy was a member of, was set up by the EU Commission and started work in April 2018. It prepared two reports finalized in December 2019 and officially received and released in February 2020.

The Expert group was instructed to assess remote onboarding processes in the European financial sector and suggest ways for portable digital KYC processes to become a reality, especially for cross-border financial services, as well as leverage the eIDAS interoperability framework.

Stéphane Mouy was the Leader of Sub-group 2  which presented and discussed an attribute-based and LoA-rated portable KYC proposal.

Link to the report (EU Commission website) - February 2020

European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI)

2020 - 2021 : ETSI STF 588  -  Identity proofing for trust services subjects

Stéphane Mouy was part of the 5-member Special Task Force STF 588 in charge of preparing specifications in the field of indentity-proofing for trust services. STF 588 worked on two reports published in February and July 2021

Link to TS 119 461 (Policy and security requirements for trust service components providing identity proofing of trust services subjects) - July 2021

Link to TR 119 460 (Survey of technologies and regulatory requirements
for identity proofing for trust service subjects) - February 2021 

Stéphane Mouy is also a regular contributor to Groupe Revue Banque, the leading French language publication focusing on banking and financial matters. 

His recent articles include the following :

Revue Banque

Issue 887-8 (2024 01) - La question de l'intégration du wallet eIDAS 2 à l'écosystème des paiements reste entière

Issue 885 (2023 11) - Monnaies numériques : plus de résilience et de privacy mais plus de risques (with Michael Adams)

Issue 880 (2023 05) - KYC et identification : vers un marché unique des services financiers numériques

Issue 875-876 (2023 01) - MNBC de détail : du cash numérique pour quoi faire? (with Michael Adams)

Issue 871 (2022 09) - Identité numérique : Pourquoi un schéma national en plus du cadre européen eIDAS?

Issue 869 (2022 06) - Le Wallet, lieu de convergence du paiement et de l'identité

Issue 865 (2022 02) - Monnaie numérique de banque centrale : la Chine très loin devant

Issue 862 (2021 12) - Wallets d'identité numérique : Apple en pole position aux Etats-Unis

Issue 860 (2021 10)  - Nouvelle donne annoncée dans les relations clients digitales

Issue 855 (2021 04) - Le dispositif français de vérification de l'identité à distance : entre règlementation européenne et spécifications techniques nationales

Issue 845 (2020 06) - L'identité numérique au carrefour des modèles

Issue 836 (2019 10) - Identité numérique et règles LCB-FT : une délicate conciliation

Banque et Stratégie

Issue 388 (2020 02) : Le KYC partagé bientôt une réalité?


Stéphane Mouy is also a regular contributor to France Payment Forum, a French language forum dedicated to payments 

His recent articles include the following :

2023 07 - Portefeuilles d'identité numérique eIDAS 2 et paiements : big bang ou effet pschitt?